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Jun 6, 2013

practice what you preach

Don’t tell me your religion is about love and hopes and forgiveness and patience when you walk around hating everyone and shoving beliefs down people’s throats. You can’t tell me that your religion is great and say that you represent it when in fact, you are the walking contradiction. Stop saying “Only God can judge you” when you talk shit about how I’m a sinner and unworthy of heaven. You just judged me. You will continue to judge me. I’m not changing, and you’re not convincing me that I should. In fact, if you are the person that represents your religion, then I’m pretty damn content with not turning into you. 

Each time I’m asked to tell about myself, I find myself starting the same way: “My name is Kelsey and I’m nineteen..”
but what I’d really like to say is:
“My name means island of the ships but once
I found a translation that said I’m a burning shipwreck-
not a burning ship but a ship that has caught fire
after the wreckage and well, I’d say that’s more fitting.”

I’ve learned that people don’t have time for about me’s.
They need two things: a name and an indication you’re someone special.

The doctors, they want facts not details.
“I broke my leg when I was three, it’s a funny story actually-“
The right or the left?
Conversation over.

The teachers, they want interests, hobbies.
You’re sad, yes, but what do you like to do?

The adults are a spew of questions.
What school do you go to? What classes are you taking?
What do you plan on becoming? Got a boyfriend?
No, stop.

People my own age are the worst.
“I’m planning on an English degree with a concentration in creative writing.”
Yeah, aren’t we all. So how many times have you, you know,
done it?

I’m pulled apart, my interests travelling highway 2
my goals at a stop light at traffic hour,
my medical history on a billboard for the world to see.
But what about me?

Where’s the chance to say,
“I hang on to fistfuls of poetry like loose change in my pockets,
and I keep waiting for the day that the world turns upside down
so I can swim with the stars.
I’m not afraid of darkness, it’s a loneliness I can empathize with it.
It’s the blackholes like cigarette burns inside of me that get troublesome.
I walk through graveyards and read the dashes between years,
each a story I’ll never know. Sometimes I create my own.”

No one, none of us know who we are anymore.

Kelsey Danielle, “I Was Told to Write and About Me and This is What Happened” (via ignify)

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I’m back?

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I really like it when its raining and steamy outside because you can just stay in your room and contribute to the fog ;) 

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